B2B Growth Hacking

What is B2B Growth Hacking?

What is the Missing Ingredient from 'Traditional' Growth Hacking? Sales!!!

Up to now, marketers conveniently leave out sales, better defined as B2B sales of complicated and expensive products and services. Unlike the B2C examples above, all used by individuals for personal use from Dropbox, LinkedIn, Expedia, Twitter, AirBnb and Facebook provided usually as a Free service with customer acquisition and retention set as the sole goals, whom are carried out by a sales-less automated process by one type of a shopping cart or on-boarding wizard.

In B2B the challenge is a lot higher, involving the need of a salesperson, a sales cycle and yes, a payment by the customer (not just a Free download or signup like in B2C).  

Growth Hacking for me is taking Growth a full circle, from attracting Prospects, thru Nurture, to a solid inquiry: a Sales Appointment/ Demo, where a salesperson consults a prospects and secures a sale.

B2B Growth Hacking = Inbound Marketing + Inbound Sales

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