Wednesday, June 17, 2015

5 effective methods for improving Direct Bookings on hotel websites

Your online channel’s playing field: Websites play a major role in your hotel’s online channel
Online shoppers visit the website when they research for their vacation or business trip, from checking out photos and info about your rooms, amenities, pools, spa, gym to checking out your menus etc.
A well designed and operating website is key in acquiring new online customers.

Direct bookings are your touchdowns: At the end of the process you have direct bookings. 
An effective website, successfully meeting online shoppers’ needs and wants, is rewarded with direct bookings.
Note: Failure to meet your online shoppers’ needs and wants end up with them either going elsewhere to book: OTAs etc, or worst, booking with another hotel.
With Direct Bookings making it to the top 10 initiatives with many hotel chains and independents worldwide for 2015,here are 5 of the most effective methods in making hotel websites meet their online shoppers’ needs and wants:
1. Develop members and loyalty programs:
Invite online shoppers to enroll in exciting programs available only to members and repeat customers, offering them specials, discounts and free goodies.
2. Provide incentives to shoppers booking direct:
Offer online shoppers exciting incentives if booking Direct from free WiFi, drinks at the bar, breakfast, parking, tickets etc. to earning points toward member programs.
3. Provide a multi lingual experience:
Speak to online shoppers in their language
4. Optimize for Mobile:
If a hotel websites is not optimized for mobile devices, many shoppers will abandon it.
5. Leverage New technology:
Increase direct booking at 41% with BookingDirectionBookingDirection, provides online shoppers the price transparency they need to support their buying process, right on the hotel website, where buying decisions are being made, showing online shoppers the Hotel’s price, side-by-side with the OTAs prices.


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